Data Structure MCQ – More MCQ With Answer Part-2

1. The time required in best case for search operation in binary tree is ____________.

A. O(n).

B. O(2n).

C. O(log n).

D. O( log 2n).

Answer: C.O(log n).

2. Which of the following way follows in Post order traversal?

A. Root -> Left sub tree -> Right sub tree.

B. Root -> Right sub tree -> Left sub tree.

C. Left sub tree -> Root -> Right sub tree.

D. Left sub tree -> Right sub tree -> Root.

Answer: D.Left sub tree -> Right sub tree -> Root.

3. A _________is a linked list which always contains a special node called the header node, at the beginningof the list.

A. Doubly Linked List.

B. Circular List.

C. Header Linked List.

D. None.

Answer: C.Header Linked List.

4. _______________is a header list where the last node points back to the header node.

A. Doubly header List.

B. Singly header List.

C. Grounder Header List.

D. Circular Header List.

Answer: D.Circular Header List.

5. The advantage of a two-way list and a circular header list is combined into a ________.

A. two-way circular header list.

B. two-way circular list.

C. two-way header circular list.

D. None.

Answer: A.two-way circular header list.

6. The pointer of the last node contains a special value called_____________.

A. null pointer.

B. index pointer.

C. pointer link.

D. address pointer.

Answer: B.index pointer.

7. The OS of a computer may periodically collect all the deleted space onto the free storage list. This technique is called______________.

A. buffering.

B. garbage collection.

C. deal location.

D. buffer collection.

Answer: B.garbage collection.

8. Important part of any compiler is the construction and maintenances of a dictionary, this types ofdictionary are called______________.

A. symbol table.

B. index table.

C. grammar table.

D. pointer table.

Answer: A.symbol table.

9. The data structure required to check whether an expression contains balanced parenthesis is?

A. queue

B. stack

C. linked list

D. file

Answer: B.stack

10. What are the advantages of arrays?

A. Easier to store elements of same data type

B. Used to implement other data structures like stack and queue

C. Convenient way to represent matrices as a 2D array

D. All of the mentioned

Answer: D.All of the mentioned

11. The number of possible ordered trees with three nodes A,B,C is?

A. 16

B. 12.

C. 10

D. 6

Answer: B.12.

12. The earliest use of__________ sorting was in conjunction with network analysis.

A. topological.

B. bubble.

C. radix.

D. heap.

Answer: A.topological.

13. _________is not the operation that can be performed on Queue.

A. Traversal.

B. Insertion.

C. Deletion.

D. Retrieval.

Answer: A.Traversal.

14. A tree is a finite set of_________.

A. loops.

B. domains.

C. functions.

D. nodes.

Answer: D.nodes.

15. Stack can be represented by means of ____________.

A. Tree.

B. Graph.

C. One-way List.

D. None.

Answer: C.One-way List.

16. The hashing file space is divided into_______________.

A. nodes and roots.

B. roots and slots.

C. buckets and slots.

D. slots and nodes.

Answer: C.buckets and slots.

17. Matrices with a relatively high proportion of zero entries are called _______ matrices.

A. sparse.

B. Null.

C. Zero.

D. worse.

Answer: A.sparse.

18. The Postfix equivalent of the Prefix Notation * + ab – cd is

A. ab + cd – *

B. abcd +-*

C. ab+cd*-

D. ab+-cd*

Answer: A.ab + cd – *

19. Data structure which is capable of expressing more complex relationship than that of physical adjacency iscalled______________.

A. linear data structure.

B. linked list.

C. non linear data Structure

D. data structure.

Answer: C.non linear data Structure

20. A tree is a data structure which represents hierarchical relationship between individual _________.

A. data items.

B. fields.

C. nodes.

D. linked list.

Answer: items.

21. In a directed tree any node which has out degree 0 is called a terminal node or__________.

A. a tree.

B. a list.

C. a node.

D. a leaf.

Answer: D.a leaf.

22. In a directed tree if the ordering of the nodes at each level is prescribed then such a tree is called_______tree.

A. directed.

B. structure.

C. ordered.

D. degree of.

Answer: C.ordered.

23. ______________ a tree means processing it in such a way that each node is visited only once.

A. Traversing.

B. Implement.

C. Partition.

D. Node.

Answer: A.Traversing.

24. The length of the path is the number of_____________ on the path.

A. nodes.

B. fields.

C. data.

D. edges.

Answer: D.edges.

25. The children node of same parent is called____________.

A. binary tree.

B. tree.

C. sibling.

D. list.

Answer: C.sibling.

26. The situation in linked list START = NULL is called_________

A. Overflow

B. Underflow

C. Zero

D. None of the above

Answer: B.Underflow

27. A code which deals about short form of a program is called __________ code.

A. program.

B. data.

C. pseudo.

D. derived.

Answer: C.pseudo.

28. Which of the application may use a stack?

A. Expression Evaluation

B. Keeping track of local variables at run time.

C. Syntax analyzer for a compiler

D. All of the above.

Answer: A.Expression Evaluation

29. The queue which wraps around upon reaching the end of the array is called as____________.

A. circular queue.

B. linked queue.

C. doubly linked list.

D. representation of queue.

Answer: A.circular queue.

30. A _______________ is a reference to a memory location, which is used to store data that is described in adata type.

A. element.

B. variable.

C. pointer.

D. memory.

Answer: B.variable.

31. If the elements A, B, C and D are placed in a stack and are deleted one at a time, what is the order ofremoval?





Answer: B.DCBA

32. ____________ has certain attributes or properties which may be assigned values.

A. field system.

B. record.

C. entity.

D. files.

Answer: C.entity.

33. The number of interchanges required to sort 5, 1, 6, 2 4 in ascending order using Bubble Sort is____________.

A. 6

B. 5

C. 7

D. 8

Answer: B.5

34. Maximum degree in any vector in a graph with n vertices is ________.

A. n.

B. n-1.

C. n+1.

D. 2n+1.

Answer: B.n-1.

35. If FRONT = NULL then _________.

A. queue full

B. queue empty

C. dequeue

D. priority queue

Answer: B.queue empty

36. _______________ is a solution to a problem independent of programming language.

A. Efficient.

B. Linked list.

C. Data structure.

D. Algorithm.

Answer: D.Algorithm.

37 ________ is the situation where data-structure is empty.

A. Overflow.

B. Underflow.

C. Null.

D. Empty.

Answer: B.Underflow.

38. When elements are deleted the nodes go to_________.

A. registers.

B. free pool.

C. recycle bin.

D. gets deleted permanently.

Answer: pool.

39. Expression into postfix expression: (A – B) * (D / E)

A. ABDE – * /

B. – * / ABDE

C. A B – D E * /

D. * – A B / D E

Answer: D.* – A B / D E

40. Each data item in a record may be a group item composed of sub-items; those items which are indecomposable are called ________

A. elementary items.

B. atoms.

C. scalars.

D. structure.

Answer: D.structure.

41. Quicksort uses ____ for implementation.

A. recursion.

B. traversal.

C. heaps.

D. queues.

Answer: A.recursion.

42. What is the worst-case time for heap sort to sort an array of n elements?

A. O(log n).

B. O(n).

C. O(n log n).

D. O(n²).

Answer: C.O(n log n).

43. The __________________ denotes the greatest integer.

A. ceiling.

B. time.

C. space.

D. floor.

Answer: A.ceiling.

44. A binary tree of depth “d” is an almost complete binary tree if __________.

A. each leaf in the tree is either at level.

B. for any node.

C. both a and b.

D. None.

Answer: C.both a and b.

45. Program module contains its own list of variables called ____________.

A. global.

B. scope.

C. local.

D. external.

Answer: C.local.

46. The number of nodes in a complete binary tree of level 5 is__________.

A. 15.

B. 20.

C. 63.

D. 31.


47. The string with zero characters is called___________.

A. null string.

B. zero string.

C. one string.

D. empty string.

Answer: D.empty string.

48. The unit equal to the number of bits needed to represent a character is called a ________.

A. byte.

B. bit.

C. megabytes.

D. kilobytes.

Answer: A.byte.

49. The number of swapping needed to sort numbers 8,22,7,9,31,19,5,13 in ascending order using bubble sort is?

A. 11

B. 12

C. 13

D. 14

Answer: D.14

50. In variable length storage two dollar signs are used to signal the __________.

A. end of the string.

B. beginning of the string.

C. mid-level of the string.

D. index.

Answer: A.end of the string.

51. The initial configuration of the queue is a,b,c,d (a is the front end). To get the configuration d,c,b,a oneneeds a minimum of ?

A. 2 deletions and 3 additions

B. 3 additions and 2 deletions

C. 3 deletions and 3 additions

D. 3 deletions and 4 additions

Answer: C.3 deletions and 3 addition